Tinted Tuesday - Nyan~

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Tinted by the rose-coloured glasses - of course I'm going to love artworks of a certain nature because of my tastes. Still, I try to cater for everyone which is why I wouldn't blatantly put BL all over the place. And that, my friends, is the reasoning behind the name 'Tinted Tuesday', which is nothing in the face of Anime@UTS' 'Picture It' though. It doesn't matter what I write here, but Anime@UTS has a wider readership.

Today, I'm putting up my favourite wallpaper, partially because Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) has returned to TV, and although the concept is, and still does, feel generic to me, the characters are loveable and the stories are well crafted. This is a very nice representation of that world and it gives me a rather nostalgic feel.

But hey, each story is as generic as the other. It's how they're executed that matters, and this done rather well.