Tinted Tuesday

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So time for another random art post here, since I might as well try to do something on a daily basis and this is as good as any other. You may read my anime@uts post tomorrow and read similar things, but good art doesn't need to be complex. The ideas behind the image, how well it sees into the soul of the person; all that comes into play.

Today's piece is from a current series, Fate/Zero and one of three favourite pieces I had picked out of my current folder. It was kind of a hard choice, but in the end, I wanted a piece which reminded me of Matou Kariya's story, not just one that depicted and emphasised the depths of his suffering in giving up his life in order to save Tohsaka Sakura, but one that showed what it was all for. Yes, his life was tragic, but he did it because he wanted to preserve the fragile innocent of a girl, and return her to her rightful parents, even if it was in vain, if you refer to Fate/Stay Night. True, it is not as though he does not act in self interest, but nonetheless, his care for Sakura is genuine.

Sakura, as far as we can imagine, appreciates that this 'uncle' of hers cares for her, even when she feels abandoned, and is violated and abused by the Matou family. He is unable to protect her all the time, and in fact, ultimately will fail, but none the less, his attempt is valiant, and despite a failing body, he pushes on. That is something to be admired of many of the Fate/Zero characters, their tenacity in pushing on with completing their goals even when their very body is held together by the slimmest of threads.

Even while dragged down on his knees, he will keep fighting on for that future he desperately wants.

(Image sourced from zerochan.)