Time Passes

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Hmm, it's funny that I couldnt quite remember what I wanted to say here, but here goes.

Today was my little brother's 'Year 6 Graduation' and I decided to attend because, well, you know, parents are busy. I had nothing to do - so why not? End of the year anyway. It also means I can stop walking to pick him up everyday - a cause to be happy about? Well, at the least no longer having to lug my bag to his school and back to the station, then hom (also not so much wandering after school. Awh.)

So I went... It was going well, one of the teachers during their speech suddenly reference Twilight. Oh yes, and it was a male teacher too. Here's the anecdote (In third person): He spotted Twilight sitting on one of the girls' desk so he asked the class 'how many of the girls have read this book?'. About half raised their hands. Then he asked, 'how many boys have read this book?'. None. 'How many boys are thinking of reading this book?' None again. Then he thought, 'I have got to read this book and see why the girls all like it so much.' So that was kind of weird, not to mention the fact of my absolute disapproval of barely teens reading a teenage book - these kids are only about 12, you know. Then he also goes and references it, giving a quote from Bella about how you shouldnt mourn (I forgot the exact quote), and at the end, gives a quote from Edward (Earning an eye-roll from me. Sorry, but true.), that nice quote about the twilight and how it's the end. So that was a strange experience for me, not only had this male teacher read it he'd also referenced it in a speech - odd.

Yes, maybe you don't think so. I'm not even sure I thought it was strange, I remember rolling my eyes a lot. Ah well.

Not so deep. Well, they're just opinoins after all, I guess.