Thunderbirds are go!

If there were anything that reminded me of childhood, it would be the Thunderbirds. It's funny that while I wasn't really allowed to watch stuff like cartoons and I was even told off for reading when I was supposed to be doing practice tests, Thunderbirds was something I was encouraged to watch... Unless it was merely for my brother and I was allowed to join in? Either way, I loved it, maybe they thought it was part of the culture we should learn over here, being in Australia. I never realised the show was created in 1965 though, but it sure has that lovely retro-ness from the effects to the music. If this is what 2065 will look like though, I would be quite astonished!

There's a real charm to the series, and I shamelessly have to admit I like the members of the Tracy family a lot. I don't think I've ever watched it all the way through, especially from the first episode, but I was quite pleased to find it on Youtube - should have expected it, I guess?

John Tracy

Watching the first episode, I picked up (again?) on their notorious 'FAB' as a 'Roger' sort of reply to transmissions. I looked it up and apparently it doesn't actually mean anything and was just supposed to sound 'hip' (not my words, that's what the quote marks are for!), but later on gained meanings such as 'Full Acknowledgement of Broadcast' and 'Fully Advised and Brief". It's interesting how things not intended by the original creators can gain meaning through the fans.