Three Tips for Roadtrips

Kiama - the last station going South

  1. Dress normally
    • There’s nothing saying ‘I’m an outsider’ here more than deliberately dressing like one. My parents warn me when I’m in unfamiliar places that I’m definitely going to be mugged/attacked/robbed because I look like I’m out of the country. Perhaps it’s true that I look Asian (less of an issue in Asia unless I speak English constantly), but deliberately dressing like a tourist doesn’t exactly make you stand out less either. I’m not trendy enough to fit in in the first place, but at least then I’ll also be comfortable.
  2. Don’t dehydrate
    • Bring water. It’s your lifeblood and cheaper brought that bought — even if they rhyme. You could drink from a tap, but that’s not true of every place you go.
  3. Money will bleed
    • Pretty obvious, but more true if you’re bringing family than if you’re going on your own. Especially if you have kids — ice cream anyone? Even if you bring food and are driving exactly because you want to save on some manner of fees, the costs creep up on you. I’ll just indulge in a $20 snack… oh wait.
  4. I told you three things
    • And I was told alliteration is catchy, though it doesn’t alliterate properly anyway and this isn’t a point, is it? What is counting anyway when you’re on a road trip?