3... but not 33 3s.

I won't mention the circumstances as to why I managed to 'break' the '3' key on my MacBook Pro's keyboard (they're embarrassing, and I was a stupid fool (redundancy) for not researching ahead). However the fact is that I did, managing to damage the mechanism as well as the hooks on the reverse of the key, and over the months, the damage as well as wear-and-tear of that key broke both parts of the mechanism and the key's hooks until the key was detached.

I recently got this key fixed/replaced about 10 days ago, but as I was typing away furiously before heading to bed, the 3 key slipped again and I had to press it back in place. That concerns me greatly, given the short amount of time it's been fixed, I don't want to be back at the Apple Store again in a couple of weeks needing another replacement to the key. Thank god my dad knows that I'm rather rough with my possessions and bought me the 3 year warranty/AppleCare (another 3 there, that key is getting a workout).

Macbook Pro keyboard
See how the key is slightly different.......... Yeah

Speaking of warranty, replacements and concerned though. My Samsung Galaxy Note 1 has had an unwarranted amount of problems since I obtained it in July of 2012. In September, I had a power issue which I took to FoneBiz (Samsung Service Centre) in Rockdale to get fixed, which lasted until December. In this situation I took the phone to my service provider who sent it back to Samsung, I assume in Korea. I've only had it back for a couple of weeks, and I've noticed that I'm having some problems charging again. For the third such problem in STILL less than 6 months, I am greatly disturbed and feel this is past ridiculous if my phone's condition further deteriorates.

As a point of trivia though, Samsung in Chinese is written 三星.