This is a movie about your life

Clara and Ruben exhausted

Yesterday this question was brought up in my Digital Media in Social Context class:

'Who (do you think) would play you in a movie of your life?'.

Apparently this was a question that appeared more in an era where we were more concerned with film (therefore older people are more likely to have heard of it), rather than allowing our current mobile technologies to dominate, but nonetheless, this question has seen a quick comeback in recent years - I can certainly attest to having seen it.

But now that I've been reminded of it again and you've heard of it, who would you pick to play you in the movie of your life? Among the selections of Drew Barrymore, Holly Hunter and whoever else that was mentioned during the class, I kept quiet as I remembered who I'd picked.

Who did I pick? Myself, of course.

Ideally, I would be a great actor myself by then, but of course the pessimistic perspective is that no one in Hollywood or otherwise would be as ugly as myself. Nonetheless, the thought of someone else playing me is just somehow wrong. I am myself, so I'd like to play myself, thanks!

Image of Ruben and I from Jamiejakov's Flickr.