Them migraine things

This is a video from SciShow hosted by Hank Green that I found a while ago, but only really looked at today, due to the fact that a certain person is rather susceptible to these.

While being happily fortunate enough to never have experienced a migraine myself, a ‘bad headache’ is bad enough for me that I really feel for anyone who has to even suffer through anything even mildly worse than that, let alone the level which Hank describes. My dear other half really isn’t given enough credit.

Perhaps I should feel lucky that the worse thing about a migraine for me is that I don’t know how I can help, and often the best way to help is to.. well, not try at all. Not being able to do anything is probably a worse feeling for me though.

The key buzzword of ‘serotonin’ in this is interesting however, and may explain a few things.. In any case, having less of them is definitely a good thing in my book.