The thing about travel

Plane flying through the sky, girl watches on beach. Artist unknown.

When it comes to responding to this article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago, on the one hand, it’s not even worth the effort to comment. On the other hand, Ruben would say you have different fingers, but I say that there are still a few things to be said.

I agree with the very few comments on the page that say that some would kill for the same privilege to travel so frequently that they have complaints about it, because I for one certainly do not have these complaints. While I appreciate warnings about hotels taking money hostage in order to ensure that their customers pay as this is actual useful knowledge, there are much, much better ways this article could have been approached.

It all goes back to that old mantra, when you try to make everyone happy… it seems nobody is. While some people may not appreciate the fact that pilots are filling passengers in on details, some people do. While some people may not appreciate that announcements are repeated in different languages, others do.

How about a little more tolerance? Especially if I have to tolerate articles of this calibre.

Illust not mine, artist unknown.