The restricted espresso

Amorreto Coffee Maker

At 12.5-13.5mm high and 6-7 grams, producing only 2 drops of coffee — yes, it is the smallest coffeemaker in the world, which could be yours for only $92.83AUD.. if you want it in silver. You could potentially be shelling out seven times that amount if you’re interested in the gold version though — nothing but the best for all coffee-lovers.

Fill it with 0.013 grams of coffee and four drops of water from a pipette, heat over a candle and you have the finest coffee that should only ever be savoured slowly — mainly because you’ll never produce more than two drops at a time. The rest of those frugal drops of water have evaporated.

I can’t tell if it’s a truly beautiful work of art, or if it could be a wondrous way to spend a great deal of money, nonetheless it’s certainly an amazing feat to be able to craft something that small. It looks so fragile and crushable, balanced on the tip of a finger in the image above. Miniatures are fascinating, and working miniatures even more so.

Then again, there is a lot of technology these days getting smaller and smaller to be able to fit inside our thinner and lighter devices. Yet these ‘older’ technologies usually remain the same size they originally were, still rumbling away at work as sturdy as the day they were built. We are amazed when they are transformed or recreated as something miniature.

Take a look at their video to see the machine in action: