The Naked Now

Picard Face Palm

What little of Star Trek I have seen I have immensely enjoyed, but the third episode released of Star Trek: The Next Generation I simply found hard to believe. While many of the negative reviews of the episode have centred around the out-of-character behaviour of the characters when it was too early in the series to really understand just what the characters were like as well as a general concern that TNG would continue to borrow from the original series, my gripe is more with logistics.

Interestingly I quite liked the characterisations in The Naked Now, as they quietly disintegrated from how I knew them just after watching one episode into people far from the intelligent and in-command beings who had been there only minutes prior. That being said though, their actions this episode I felt were far from intelligent... Spoilers follow if you don't know the series.

  1. I don't know that much about the Star Trek universe technologically, but if there is a hull breach in a ship, surely you would enter the ship wearing space suits of some description rather than simply assuming that the craft would remain pressurised (so you're not 'blown' out, as Data corrects) and maintain enough atmosphere to allow you to breathe?
  2. If they had worn spacesuits, they wouldn't have been infected in the first place since it appears to pass by touch.
  3. Speaking of touching, hasn't anyone heard of quarantine? Or hasn't it been used in a long time since they place so much trust in their technology? (Always be suspicious. Always!)
  4. Why was Riker's report to Picard so pathetically short.. Sure it was succinct, but basically just said everyone is dead. Not anything else that was observed.
  5. Why did Dr. Crusher leave La Forge completely alone to go inside her office but not lock the door to the sickbay? People are too trusting. No one ever does as they're told. (Then again, this is a TV show. No, I did not just say that.)
  6. Why didn't Dr. Crusher start to round up people that had been touched by La Forge once she realised that the infection/intoxication was spread by physical contact? (She seemed suspicious and anxious about her son but let him wander off to go infect more people. She didn't stop Tasha leaving either as Tasha wiped her forehead of sweat in the background.)
  7. Speaking of Dr. Crusher, surely that hair must get in the way? Why do detectives and doctors not secure their hair on TV?
  8. Stop touching each other! (Maybe I'm just strange?)

Anyway, that's enough off my chest. Feel free to enjoy the episode for what it is though, it just seemed strange that of all the things they didn't do, they didn't bother to put on space suits or set a quarantine when a shipful of people had mysteriously died after irrational behaviour and a sudden hull breach with no idea what caused it. Even if they'd been sterilised, how can you be certain all kinda of ailments can be killed just like that.

Enough. Kiri out.