The Life Experience Cake

Passionfruit Cheesecake at Wokking Bakery

When I got home tonight, my parents took the occasion to ask if I had heard about the recent kidnappings in Malaysia of some Chinese tourists.

Of course the morale of the story in their eyes was to not go to Malaysia, or even just to not go overseas at all because terrible things were bound to happen, from MH370 to the mother and daughter tourists who died in Bali. Bad things can only happen when you go overseas, right? Like French international student being murdered last week after only being in Australia on exchange for 6 weeks.

These stories of Australian murders only seek to show that bad things can happen even close to home though. If you live perpetually in fear of being taken hostage, of being murdered, and so on, you would never leave your house again because time, and time again, it has been shown that people can be taken just scant metres away from their homes or work. Where can you really call ‘safe’?

It all goes back to that ‘live life to its fullest’ philosophy, really, and some of its counterparts. Either you can be like my brother, and save the best things for last, but almost have these ‘best’ things thrown out by my parents who think you’re setting these things aside because you don’t want them. Or you could enjoy life now while you can. ‘Life’s short so eat dessert first,’ quotes Ruben, and this is a philosophy I can live with — provided dessert is something I want to eat, anyway. ;)