The Final Episode of UTS Floods

Flooding Day 1

After closure of Building 5 and the Library for the rest of last week, seems like most things are returning back to normal. They have been open for business since 8.00am today for most classes except Postgraduate business which was relocated.

The Vice Chancellor and the university extends thanks:

Last week students from across the University demonstrated their capacity for resilience, flexibility, and their adaptability. [T]hese are valuable attributes to possess as they are sought after by employers the world over. I would once again like to express my heartfelt thanks to all students impacted by the incident, particularly those of you from the Faculty of Law and the UTS Business School.

I wonder what other Faculties do subjects in Building 5 for some inexplicable reason? I've had a fair few IT subjects there.

A special note of thanks to the Yura Mudang residents who, despite being dragged from their beds on three consecutive evenings, managed to maintain their sense of humour judging by the 'I Survived the Ultimo Road Floods' Facebook page.

I may not have been impacted that hard by the recent floods, but I survived it all the same! Hopefully there's no remaining carpet drying to be done!

Image from the 'I Survived the Ultimo Road Floods' Facebook page.