The End of Time

Doctor Who - The End of Time

Today I picked up from where I left off, I watched The End of Time, parts 1 and 2. Watching The Day of the Doctor for the 50th Anniversary celebrations (I know I said I wouldn't, but Tennant!) and watching Matt Smith and David Tennant's classic interactions spurned me finally into catching up with the series once and for all.

It's been a long hiatus...

I haven't watched this series since 2010, when Tennant stopped working on the show and Matt Smith appeared on the scene. I admit now I was probably pig-headed, but after watching the Christmas special (which one was it...), I did honestly think he was a good Doctor, but by that stage I'd fallen so far behind I couldn't motivate myself to catch up.

On the eve of Matt Smith's leaving, here I am, again trying to catch up with the series once and for all. To get to know Amy and Rory, and River, and all the way to Clara, my nametwin.

Actually about the episode

I enjoyed The End of Time, though the Tenth's sorrow at having to leave was hard. It was nice when he revisited all 'his' companions one last time, doing little things for them. It makes you excited when you wonder at how it all links right back up, if it does? As well as giving us a glimpse at just how the others have gone on even though they were forced to part ways with the Doctor.

And just who did Martha marry!?

This certainly leaves me with so many more questions about Gallifrey now, whatwith what was seen in the 50th Anniversary Special. I'm sure I'll learn more as I watch on.

Further watching

For anyone who has that little bit of spare time, An Adventure in Space and Time is most enlightening in seeing the beginnings of Doctor Who with Verity Lambert at the helm, and William Hartnell's role in how it came to be, since I never actually saw any of his episodes. Though I suspect near the end that it's not quite as it is made out to be in the docudrama!

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