The Email Dream

For something as important as email, I’ve never trusted everything to a proprietary provider. My email address has never ended in someone else’s domain name, and has never been hosted in any way that would preclude me from easily switching to another provider.

I realise this post is somewhat belated by several years, but somehow the above paragraph just rubs me the wrong way… as paragraphs of this type often do. I suppose an instance of where we can admire someone’s expertise, but don’t necessarily have to agree with their opinions.

For the general populace, free mail just has to be good enough especially if they are unable to pay for their own dedicated email, and Gmail’s plans (or grandfathered plans) are still cheaper than a service like Fastmail for the amount of space and number of accounts required.

Funnily though, I never saw my email as precious or irreplaceable. In late 2010 when I migrated to Gmail during a slow day in the office, I ditched my hotmail account without telling anyone, set up forwarding from that email address and started anew without ever retrieving any of the emails from there.

Of course, now occasionally I want to go back to relive some memories, but all the emails have been deleted because I never access the account. Regardless I don’t really hold any attachment to my email. I left email accounts as I left internships and other emails have died over the years from my lack of accessing them. It is still only now important as a record of transactions and for present work purposes.

A dream of the past few years was finally realised today though, when with some difficulties I was able to set up my new Fastmail account with my own domain, which I purchased almost 2 years ago for this purpose. I’m still on the free trial though, so in 53 days time, this dream may come crashing down to the ground, or who knows — I might pay the fee and live in that world I’d always dreamed of..

Image by unknown artist. Let it be known that artwork is not mine.