The DoCoMo Vision

I remember when John Gruber posted this a few weeks back on Japan's DoCoMo still holding out on the iPhone despite a drop in their sales:

I don’t see how that strategy makes sense today, especially given Android’s relative unpopularity in Japan.

I can really see now why DoCoMo might choose to hold out against the iPhone though - this was the highlight of my Contemporary Telecommunications class, in fact. Even if sales of their phones may not be going well, they are working towards their own vision of the future and the technologies we will be developing, whereas it seems to me the iPhone tries to take us in another direction.

It's interesting looking through all of DoCoMo's videos around on Youtube, for instance their separable phone. Japanese phones have always been intensely interesting and I for one would be more interested in seeing what DoCoMo may develop next than what features come out with the next iPhone.