The Culture sucks

It’s pretty clear that the tech industry these days is a male dominated world, particularly to me — a female who just can’t quite make it. Most of the women who work in technology firms usually work either in the accounting or marketing department, or less frequently in design (though still not as less frequent as in technical skills). But it seems that there is a matter of culture driving a lot of these behaviours, no place more apparent than the mystical Silicon Valley.

The problem is that Silicon Valley has gone completely to the other extreme. We’ve created a make-believe cult of objective meritocracy, a pseudo-scientific mythos to obscure and reinforce the belief that only people who look and talk like us are worth noticing. After making such a show of burning down the bad old rules of business, the new ones we’ve created seem pretty similar.

It’s even been stated: “The notion that diversity in an early team is important or good is completely wrong. You should try to make the early team as non-diverse as possible.”

Hence you end up with communities of all white and Asian men, all of whom likely know each other quite well to begin with.

Try, just for a moment, to suppose that it’s probably unnatural for an industry to be so heavily dominated by white and Asian middle-class males under 30 who keep telling each other to only hire their friends."

And that is the issue, in more ways than one.

But as the article says, even when you conduct interviews, how are people supposed to pass when those ‘hidden rules’ which they are supposed to intuitively understand immediately, make them available at your beck and call and automatically create bias against the interviewee going to lead you to appropriate talent? Let’s quote a quote:

I asked her how she was doing in the interview process and she said, “I’m actually still trying to get an interview.”

“That’s weird.” I told her. “I thought you had already met with them a few times.”

“Well, I grabbed coffee with the founder, and I had dinner with the team last night, and then we went to a bar together.”

I chuckled. She was clearly confused with the whole matter. I told her, “Look, you just made it to the third round”.

Luckily I can see through a process far enough to tell when someone is being ‘interviewed’ in the exact same way. Yet unlike them, I face the immediate biases afforded to me. Yay.

But I digress. The best line in all of this?

If spam filters sorted messages the way Silicon Valley sorts people, you’d only get email from your college roommate. And you’d never suspect you were missing a thing. "

Illust by mosquito coils. Who is a guy.