The Clutch of Facebook

Facebook friends network map

From The Vine:

Zuckerberg is not dead-set on making the world more open and connected, except where that's an incidental result while expanding Facebook's control, influence, and access to as many people as possible. Facebook's growing web of users is more like a net, cultivating a world in which Facebook is a necessary tool of modern living and impossible to escape. As Facebook increases its access into our lives - our interests, our habits, our personal relationships, even what we talk about in private - it increases its value to advertisers and investors.

Emphasis mine. Several people I know are willing – rather, dying – to jump ship from Facebook ASAP precisely because of this exploitative behaviour, but it was responsibilities that absolutely required the use of Facebook that lured them over in the first place, against their will.

Facebook is hard to live without these days with university groups looking to Facebook as a form of reliable communication (seriously?) and outside of advertisers looking to cash in on Facebook’s user data, marketers increasingly look to leverage Facebook as part of their strategy. What are you going to do? … It’s a dilemma for more than a few of us.

The hidden irony here is really just that as someone who doesn’t particularly like marketing (in its advertising form), I’m somehow involved with and looking for a job in it. How do you like them apples.