The Bonemender

Image of Elves found online

Say what you want about The Bonemender by Holly Bennett, what constitutes as good fiction for me does not always for someone else — yes, I still read 'young adult fiction'. While it's not necessarily a complex story and at times the story is predictable, The Bonemender has some intriguing characters and won me over to the extent that Seb gifted me with the first book in paperback for my birthday last year.

It's not so much the Humans in this story that won me over, though the Greffaires are interesting in their cultures and how it differs from Verdeau, but it the Elves that intrigue me, with their multiple talents and the description of their appearance, clothing, customs and musicality. What's new, right? Beautiful beings that are more talented than Humans that live impossibly long lives? That sounds like it just hails right back to my Twilight days, but these people, for me at least, go deeper.

Art: Féolan of Stonewater

For one, it's not the endless descriptions of their appearance that win me over, but their kind, welcoming and inquisitive souls, mixed with a fierce determination and skillful mastery. Féolan and Danäis are two of the Elves that first appear in The Bonemender and have remained on my mind these past few days as I read the series properly from the cover of the first book to the cover of the last.

I've written about people falling in love with fictional characters before, but this certainly isn't my problem as each Elf in my mind have a wonderful match in their Lady. I am deeply curious about what will happen next — to the extent I may decide to pick up fanfiction writing again. It would be time for me to find a fandom again, after all, since dropping Katekyo Hitman Reborn early in 2012.

This current obsession of mine, however, is because I long to draw these Elves out on paper but cannot quite achieve what I want in pencil. I've had a look around online, but none have drawn anything from this series that I can find. Nonetheless, while I try to produce something that is closer to my mind's eye, this image I found randomly online shall serve to depict my current favourite pairing.

(As an aside, the name Féolan is intensely interesting in its origin. I shall have to look into it further.)

Preview full drawing. Top image source.