The Apple Magic Trackpad


After some fast talking and some persuasive arguing, I managed to convince my dad to purchase me a Magic Trackpad for Christmas this year. Now, Christmas hasn't been a big thing in my family for many years, so we usually pass it by quietly without doing much of anything at all, but this year I kind of wanted a more 'Western' Christmas.

Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that I don't feel bad about asking, and I am grateful that he did buy it for me. Normally I would buy this for myself, but I've been watching my finances very closely of late for various reasons. I've been wanting one of these since I spotted a friend using one at university this year. Without realising it had existed, I had always wanted such a device, since the use of a mouse isn't always convenient on particular surfaces.

Not only does the trackpad allow me to practically use it anywhere, because it doesn't depend on the movement of the mouse on a surface, but rather depends on the movement of your hand on its surface; but it is also Bluetooth! Which is unsurprising, really, for an Apple product. Where was I going with this?


Running makes me sweat

I'd only ever tried to use a Magic Trackpad in-store before, usually with one of the iMacs it was hooked up to. I loved the fact that I could still use all the same gestures as I usually did on my trackpad, since this was my biggest gripe with having to use any sort of mouse. This setup also meant I wasn't able to use my MacBook the way I wanted to when at home with an external monitor.

Being given this Magic Trackpad has made me move back to my desk again, which I'd abandoned several months prior. I'm able to use the Apple Wireless Keyboard together with the trackpad, so my MacBook finally feels less like a laptop I've just hooked up to an external screen, and more like I have a desktop computer now (since I can finally use it in clamshell mode). I've never had my own desktop computer before.

I did have to set 'Three finger drag' in the trackpad settings of System Preferences in order to use it productively, however, since clicking on the Magic Trackpad was difficult at first. Luckily, it seems to have become a bit looser in recent days so I am able to alternate between both — whichever is easier for what I'm doing.


I'd say downsides, but this thing is so slim

One downside perhaps to having the trackpad next to my wireless keyboard instead of below it is perhaps the fact I keep accidentally brushing it with my hand. This makes the cursor or the mouse pointer jump around and I can insert text in places I don't mean to.

I suspect this is just something I'll get used to in time though, just as in time I was more careful not to accidentally brush against the trackpad on the MacBook itself.

If there is some way to clip the trackpad on to the wireless keyboard, I have not found it yet, but this is perhaps the only function that seems to be missing. Seems like a strange oversight from Apple to me, but again — this could be just a matter of my own short sightedness.

Some people talk about products changing their life. I think this is probably one for me. Next thing I would like to add to my ensemble to make it more convenient for me to work this way may take a while, but would take me that extra step towards being more productive and comfortable. My MacBook hasn't moved from its position on my desk for a little while now, due to the cabling plugged into it. Maybe that'll change in the future.