The Alpacamobile

I had an amazing, joyful day today. Coming home always kind of seems like a downer compared to how wonderful the day was — that’s why the best days end in tears. Today it really wasn’t bad though, it was rather surprising..!

But I digress, when I have more energy and time I’ll put all my effort into writing about the day in the manner it deserves. Right now I’m going to share a few funny quotes I picked out while just doing a couple of things I enjoy doing the weekend, namely reading some of the crappy free books on the iBooks Store that people rate highly even when they are honestly a complete waste of time, hehe.

I had a little giggle when I read these, perhaps you’ll enjoy it still out of context:

"Sure", she retorted under her breath [...] "Someday I'd like to see men forced to tramp over wild country wearing pantyhose and high heels."
... most of the ranch hands wandered back to their horses, one more task of farm life completed. Catch a bad guy, hog tie him in the tool shed, then get back to work.

That's what it was like on the ranch.