That Wikileaks Movie You've Heard About

Benedict Cumberbatch looks a little odd in general, but as Julian Assange…that's just creepy.
- @TypeDom

I wasn't really paying much attention when Dom posted this tweet on the 23rd of January, other than to take a quick glimpse of the topmost image since I was out and about with strict parents. Although the image of Cumberbatch was interesting amusement, there was something far deeper about this article I wouldn't look into until the day after.

Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in that propagandistic travesty of a Wikileaks movie? That's a shame, I used to like him.
- @Rubenerd
I would too. The gall of these people RT @ChannelNewsAsia Assange hits out at WikiLeaks movie
- @Rubenerd

Ruben posted these tweets on the morning of the 24th of January and only then did I go back and read the initial article which I hadn't really given the time to.

You can read Ruben's thoughts here and here.

If this movie had been more of a docudrama type that portrayed the truth in a slightly more dramatised fashion (as one expects) in order to educate more people in the truth of what happened behind Wikileaks, I would be interested and behind this, but for what it is now is a serious disappointment, even to someone like me who can honestly say they don't know that much about the affair, despite being around when it all blew up.

I suppose that we can't expect things or people to change this easily though, and if this weren't reality it would be a hilarious joke. Alas.

Participant Media is joining Dreamworks on this, and Dreamwork's media release says:

With a focus on real issues that shape our lives, Participant creates social action and advocacy programs to transform the impact of the media experience into individual and community action.

Based on how this movie is sounding, I wonder about that.