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Ruben and I outside N2 Extreme Gelato Roses from Ruben ^_^Spicy Sausage and Vegetable Hotpot at Arisun NO PHOTO by Vadims Brodskis, Alex Kemp and David WoodRuben taking a photo of the flavour archive

My birthday was almost 2 months ago, but accidents happened (nobody's fault!), then exams happened, then SMASH! preparation and SMASH! happened, and then uni happened and finally while walking down the street on Saturday, after class and after a completely informal department meeting, I spontaneously asked/said that we should have my 'birthday' dinner tomorrow and Ruben, Sebastian and Cindy all jumped on the idea. A hasty contacting of a small group of friends on Twitter and we were set for the party tomorrow... On short notice. Oops.

I met up with Ruben earlier in the day so that we could take the train to the city together. He also brought me flowers which was especially nice. ^_^ After the traditional (surely traditional by now, yes?) trip to a nearby Starbucks, Ruben and I escalator-ed up to Kinokuniya to browse through their English manga section for a while.

Ruben and I met up with everyone else at Arisun at 5pm and waited around until almost everyone else had arrived (no reply from other parties :'D). We'd barely sat down before Valty appeared out of nowhere, bringing peas! Ruben and I had settled on hotpot but others selected their own dishes. Originally I had wanted to go KBBQ (and German food before that), but I wasn't really sure Arisun had it.. it was the spur of the moment decision after all. Sorry, guys!

Ruben and I took the longest to munch up our generous helping of hotpot before we all bundled out of the restaurant for some ice-cream/gelato at N2 Extreme Gelato. Watermelon Sorbet was the most ordered flavour among us with Strawberry.. something and Sour Cream Chocolate coming in second place! Their 'flavour archive' has increased exponentially since I was there last time which doesn't seem that long ago...

We started moving towards Central after that and soon we'd all split up to travel home our separate ways. I wasn't really in the mood for going home yet though, so Ruben and I went to Oliver Brown in Hornsby to hang out for a while and use the free wi-fi.

Thanks to Ruben, Sebastian, Cindy, Vadim, Alex, David/Valty and Sashin for coming and your gifts. :D Special thanks to Mad for the Nendroid(s) from Japan and sorry that he couldn't make it, but I hope he feels better soon!