Technology Thieving

Once upon a time (cliche, I know), there was this girl who managed to change the settings enough to break every link that existed on her blog, save the front page (little you can do to stuff that one up, but challenge accepted). So despite the number of times she had written and rewritten the post in her head, for her first proper post on her blog she set out to write a test post that consisted of a little more than just a couple of lines of filler and style testing.

Despite promising the post to a certain someone before, the truth probably is that this post spawns from something to do with said person, but may not be directly about them. ... Which is a bit sad, actually, because it's a deviation from the original plan. But nonetheless, this post spawns from sitting in a cool air-conditioned library with this certain someone while a heatwave ravaged the outside world outside a few centimetres of glass.

Taking a sharp turn headlong into the topic (hope you didn't hurt yourself), the MacBook charger which I often take to uni with me isn't actually mine. I get called 'tech thief' by dear friend Sebastian, which isn't that far from the truth, but at least none of the stealing is all that secretive – it just gradually accumulates with me over time almost naturally. I try.

But the point is, the thing that irks me about this charger is:

  1. It's not long enough most of the time.
  2. The adapter part of the charger (that part not the connector or the plug) usually gets in the way of plugging it into smaller spaces.
  3. Which means I have to work around it more often than I should.

MagSafe 1

You see, the MacBook charger I bring with me is actually a replacement for the charger on my father's old(er) white MacBook which spawned my MacBook use, and whose original charger I managed to short-circuit one day while plugging in an external monitor. Long story, and one I don't even know.

It wasn't until I spotted the charging cables of other Mac users though, that I realised there was supposed to be an extension cord for that new charger. Upon confronting my father as to whether there was such an extension, I was met with the explanation that he didn't think I required it. And I still have not seen it since.

Of course, in the end I could always just bring my own MacBook's charger along with me to university and then have the benefit of that added length, plus the fact that it could fit into most spaces to plug it in, but its convenience in being a permanent fixture in my room makes me reluctant to take it outside. If I simply swapped the two cables, it would limit me as to how I could use my MacBook in my room too. Despite the fact it has a battery... Oh yeah.

So the easy solution is just to ask my father for that extension cable, right?

I can only come to the conclusion that I'm being very silly. (Nothing new there.)

Update: As of Friday, 8th February 2013, I obtained the extension cord!