Things you don't notice until later

Kelady image by Minuiko

"Why, most young people don't have your freedom," replied Ilane. "Our families are so determined to keep their bloodlines pure that they insist their daughters remain virgins before marriage, poor things. You don't see that nonsense in the middle and lower classes. They know a woman's body belongs to herself and the Goddess, and that's the end of it."

Kel was trying to remember if she'd ever heard the matter put in quite this fashion. She hadn't.

Ilane leaned her chin on her hand. "I've often through the nobility's handling of sex and marriage in their girls is the same as that of horse breeders who try to keep their mares from being mounted by the wrong stallions."

Sometimes you find strange things in children's books you never noticed before. I suppose it depends from what kind of family you come from but sometimes chastity and virginity is something held so in import - particularly if you come from a religious or traditional family - it's almost strange to have a book intended for children/young adults casually advocating the opposite.

Keladry of Mindelan fanart by Minuiko.