Taiwan ATR 72-600 crashes

As if the Malaysian Airlines and AirAsia incidents over the past 24 months haven’t spooked people in terms of air travel already, yesterday a Taiwanese TransAsia plane crashed into a Taipei River yesterday. Are there really more incidents, or are we just more aware of them now in the wake of such massively tragic incidents and internationally involved incidents whereas this was not so widespread in the past?

The plane that came down into the Taipei River yesterday was an Alenia ATR 72-600 turboprop, much like the planes that I’ve taken back and forth from Canberra about three times now when I visit our government clients there. To see that buckled and twisted metal makes you realise how fragile it can be despite it feeling and looking strong when you get onto that plane. I’m told that smaller planes can be more dangerous… I’m not sure where to go with that other than not sit next to the propeller itself, just in case.

Provided I choose safe transport routes in the future, I hope at least being shot down wont be one of the worries that plague me. I love travelling, so it’s unlike I would let this prevent me from getting on a plane again. However I may just stay awake on all flights just in case, regardless of what little impact on my own safety that may have.