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Second Graduation
Pursuit of Contentment
Goodbye First Years' Lounge
Night Lights
[Art] Bugetti Type 35 by James Angus (2006)
[Photoblog] 2013.11.09 Passing into exam period
Playing and Stopping Sound in Flash with AS3.0
The Matrix - Human and Machine
On Exactitude in Science
Accessibility with Dr Scott Hollier of @mediaaccessaus
Addressing an engineering one-liner
Projects Released to Creative Commons
Response to "UTS Student Experience Survey"
This is a movie about your life
On Eating Men...?
Human Brain
Newtown Girls with @nataliekrikowa
The Final Episode of UTS Floods
Adobe Flash: A Study
Swinging Collaboratively
Brainstorming a Multiplatform Story
Day 3 in the UTS problems saga
Strange weather means UTS isn't alone
So much happens over the weekend..
The DoCoMo Vision
[DMSC] Readings: Next decade of the web
Fanfiction as Multiplatform Storytelling
Web Developer Nightmares
The Unwritten Laws of Project Management
I used to know a Harold Stanford
[Design] Asian European Blend
Having a Cuppa
Final Report and Website
The code tag and the pre tag.
Vertical scroll in HTML for no reason
SalesForce: Close relations
Non-sticking sticky footers.
Congratulations are in order, to @uberlutzer!
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[Analysis] Tiger Tiger by Rosalie Gascoigne (1987)
[Photoshop] Zombie-thing
System Plan
[Photoblog] 2013.05.02 Art and Chocolate
Follow-up: University Funding
SalesForce: I can be funny when I’m tired
Macro and Micro Analysis
In the News: Educational Reform
[Photoblog] 2013.04.18 D-Day
Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation
University funding cuts #Australia
Interesting errors when running NoScript
Chirrup. Learning Proposal Final and Pretty URLs.
PHP Frameworks
SFTP through the Terminal
Lessons Learnt #1
Effects of Technology on Media - There is no objectivity
HTML5 Commentary
[DMT] Week 4 Practical (PHP)
[DMT] The Discontinuing of Google Reader
Drawing Meaning from... something.
Using Java instead, and I don't mean JavaScript
[DMT] Ruby and Javascript Hijinks
[DMT] Shared Server Hosting: The Unintended Part 2
[DMT] Shared Server Hosting Comparison
[Draft] Learning Proposal
[DMT] E-tivity-ness - About Me
Hello World!
Thinking about the future.....
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