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Happy 3rd Anniversary
Can't face my manga face
UNIQLO Macquarie Centre (and more)
I am Groot
Humility or Reality
#Mythbusters in Sydney
Dericious Homemade Pasta
Marukame Udon - near Westfield Chatswood
Long Weekend in Noosa
Happy Anniversary, @Rubenerd
22 on the 22nd
One Year
Popping Away Candy-dly
Vivid Sydney 2014
New Cuben Icon Renditions
[Art] For @Sebasu_tan and @Rubenerd
Sydney FCBD and UNIQLO Pop-Up Store
Milk Coftea
Ending Easter
A nice pair of shoes
Them migraine things
Happy Birthday, @Rubenerd
March 27 was the date
Response: TextExpander Issues
Response: Electronic In/exclusivism
From Lattes to Long Blacks
Anime@UTS Orientation Welcome Picnic
[Art] Valentines 2014
Happy Valentines Day
Train Works Train Museum at Thirlmere
Modern definition of experience
To the Hobbit (Two)
N-not like I want to talk to you or anything
Happy Lunar New Year
Never has Free!dom been better
#PostADay2014, or several in fact
Happy Australia Day
Chinese New Year Celebrations Start
[Art] Chinese New Year Mascots
The Asian Notion of Love
Life of Brian at the Moonlight Cinema
A New Podcast Record
Australian Museum Rocks
Developers will forever intimidate me
Bi-metallic Composition
We played with Lego today
First Game of the Year
Borrowing the Wordle Tradition
Happy New Year 2014
Christmas Gifts
BREAKING: to the nines
Three things not to do when making fudge
AnimeSydney Christmas Party 2013
Christmas lights and other bright things
What makes a family? #openingshot
Wild weather at Hornsby
Hair, Mavericks, Pudding and Storms
Decorated IKEA Upptäcka backpacks
[Photoblog] 2013.11.10 Mindblank
[Photoblog] 2013.11.09 Passing into exam period
[Photoblog] 2013.11.06 Across the Road
Tall people problems
[Photoblog] 2013.11.05 Concourse Break
[Photoblog] 2013.11.09 Corny Celebration
[Photoblog] 2013.11.02 Coffee
Excursion to the Art Gallery of NSW
Of IP Addresses and other such
Record of internet strangeness yesterday
Taking advice from a friend
What is productivity?
Kerry O'Brien's Occasional Speech
Cantonese Ways and Spock is Asian (via @ntdOTGW)
Sprouting Party for @Sebasu_tan
Because @Rubenerd said Yuuta looks like Kyon
2013.09.29 Wahroonga Photowalk with Ruben
Considering mixed breeds: Golden Retriever/Husky
Upcoming IKEA Purchases
Response to "UTS Student Experience Survey"
Visiting #Equinix's data centre
[Art] Once Upon a Time...
[Art] Flowery Coffee and Darkness Imageset
Impromptu outing with @Rubenerd, @Sebasu_tan, @mr_gazpacho and others
[Anime] #TV_Free in Australia... and Extras
Candle Problem modified
Genericly Trademarked
National Sausage Sizzle Day
Election Date with @Rubenerd
This is a movie about your life
When you want a camera and when you have one
Socially Awkward Live Action
On Eating Men...?
[Photoblog] 2013.08.24 Sakura and Panna Cotta
[Iconography] Eclipsing your past meanings
Thank you to @Rubenerd @JamieJakov @Sebasu_tan @Adasifs @valtism @Sashin9001 @maidforclass
Swinging Collaboratively
Brainstorming a Multiplatform Story
Strange weather means UTS isn't alone
[Photoblog] 2013.08.10 SMASH!
Web Developer Nightmares
The Unwritten Laws of Project Management
Kaitenzushi: Makanai
Happy Anniversary, @Rubenerd!
Blog comments and lack thereof
An Epicly Animated Film
The Acceptable Addiction: Coffee
Graphig/Hakodot Mascots of @Rubenerd and myself
The @Rubenerd built me a house
Re: Stephen Conroy
[Response] HKSAR Government Statement
One of those days in the year that people celebrate
[Photoblog] 2013.06.21 @Rubenerd Alpaca
I used to know a Harold Stanford
Creativity in different forms
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyancat mascot
[Art] Getting back into Digital Art
[Photoblog] 2013.06.15 The Calm
New Release: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan 長門有希ちゃんの消失
Apps working that shouldn't? - Twitter API
[Photoblog] 2013.06.13 Shattered Glass
Star Trek Into Darkness with @Rubenerd, @elkeee and @RainerSaid
[Photoblog] 2013.06.12 Unexpected Good Times
[Photoblog] 2013.06.11 Scones and Beverages
Having a Cuppa
[Photoblog] Coffee cups
Science, from @Rubenerd
I used Cisco routers before the sneakernet
I ♥ you too, @Rubenerd.
[Photoblog] 2013.05.31 Code Galore
[Response] @Rubenerd bread
Internet/Technology News Sourced from the Internets
[Photoblog] 2013.05.26 The bread was not as fluffy
[Photoblog] 2013.05.25
Not sure if funny networking joke or just lame
[Photoblog] 2013.05.18 Tea time
[Photoblog] 2013.05.17 Late and Latte
So I heard you like networking memes
[Review] Customising your Macbook: Rainbow Apple
That Al guy
Thanks to @Rubenerd, @lottepon, @Sebasu_tan, @Adasifs, @BaeK88, @alchmyest!
[Anime] Evangelion Art Exhibition hosted by @JPFSydney
[Photoblog] 2013.05.11 Happy
Jokes from @Rubenerd
[Photoblog] 2013.05.08 Froyo
[Photoblog] 2013.05.03 Filming
[Photoblog] 2013.04.30 Back to Uni
[Photoblog] 2013.04.29 A conglomerate of sunsets?
Coming up against Glass walls
[Photoblog] 2013.04.20 Omnomnom
[Photoblog] 2013.04.19 @Adasifs' Event - Happy Birthday!
[Photoblog] 2013.04.18 D-Day
[Photoblog] 2013.04.17 Bellissimo
[Photoblog] 2013.04.16 Coftea, cake and cookies.
Mitchell and Webb on Youtube
Shared by gentlemen, @Rubenerd and @Jamiejakov.
[Photoblog] 2013.04.13 Train Simulator
Reponse to @Rubenerd: PC shipments
Debate: Is the Catholic church a force for good?
[Photoblog] 2013.04.10 Internet and Assignments
[Photoblog] 2013.03.18 @Rubenerd in Retro Glasses (+PSA)
[Photoblog] 2013.04.09 Starbucks Frappucino Dusplugs
Coloured Kenshin from @Sebasu_tan, and jokes from @Rubenerd.
[Photoblog] 2013.04.08 AmiAmi says thanks
Train Vocab from @Rubenerd
Tweeting @Rubenerd an essay-ish response in more than 140 characters and words, but less than 140 paragraphs – Belonging
Looking back at Red River (manga)
[Photoblog] 2013.03.30 @Rubenerd's Birthday Celebrations
[Photoblog] 2013.04.02 iPad Minis
[Photoblog] 2013.03.27 @Rubenerd's Birthday
[Photoblog] 2013.03.24 Sunset
[Photoblog] 2013.03.22 Over-excitement
[Photoblog] 2013.03.21 Of Solid State Drives and Kyon Nendroids
[Photoblog] 2013.03.29 Sky by @Rubenerd and myself. :)
Happy Birthday, @Rubenerd! :D
'Spiritual but not Religious' - Partial (but not really) Response to @Rubenerd
[Photoblog] 2013.03.17 Gifts
[DMT] The Discontinuing of Google Reader
Letting go of TweetDeck
As Depicted by the Square Face Icon Generator
[Art] Happy White Day - Images from a month ago
#CityRail fun on Tuesday
Get your Gangnam Style on!
[DMT] Ruby and Javascript Hijinks
[Photoblog] 2013.03.12 The Unboxing of Nagato Yuki
[Photoblog] 2013.03.09 Dates
[Photoblog] 2013.03.08 Constructing
[Photoblog] 2013.03.07 Good things
[Photoblog] 2013.03.04 Congratulations @Rubenerd
[Photoblog] Historical Event: Clean Desk
[Photoblog] 2013.03.02 Lava from @Rubenerd
[Photoblog] 2013.03.01 Busy days.
[Photoblog] 2013.02.26 My Sweet Memory
[Photoblog] 2013.02.21 CHRONICLE
[Photoblog] 2012.02.19 Preparation
[Photoblog] 2013.02.18 Hustle and Bustle
[Anime Club] That New Website
[Photoblog] 2013.02.16 Say, aren't you missing an e?
[Photoblog] 2013.02.15 Let me out.
[Photoblog] 2013.02.14 Valentines Day
[Photoblog] 2013.02.13 Creepy Crepe
[CityRail] Train Incidents Here and There
[Photoblog] 2013.02.12 Work and other things
Spectrum Sunday - Dedications #73376E
[Photoblog] 2013.02.09 Chinese New Year's Eve
[Culture] Fortune has arrived
[Photoblog] 2013.02.08 Forty-six
[Art] Mascot for @Rubenerd_Blog
[Photoblog] 2013.02.04 Comfort
[Photoblog] 2013.02.03 Fluttery
[Photoblog] 2013.02.01 Celebration
Commenting is a privilege, not a right
Hong Kong: Day 11 – Mong Kok and Airport
Coins from Overseas
Hong Kong: Day 10 – Coastal Defence Museum and Mong Kok
That Wikileaks Movie You've Heard About
[Photoblog] Hong Kong (7)
To a sweet guy
Supersized Screens
[Anime] First Impressions: Various 2013 Winter Anime
Hong Kong: Day 2 - Ocean Park and Relatives
Hong Kong: Day 1.. Kind of.
Technology Thieving