Syrian Conflict Migrant Crisis

I am super, super bad with keeping up with the world. I don’t really read the news or watch it, just occasionally I click on links in my Twitter feed… when I check it. Most people finally sat up and paid attention to the news earlier this month when a young child was washed up on a Turkish beach.

But it took a little longer for me, and I only finally tuned into this crisis as I bummed about the kitchen last night. The TV was turned to a live streaming of what seemed to be the BBC’s live coverage of refugees/migrants arriving in Germany. Abruptly, the volunteers broke into applause and cheered as the refugees entered, and passed them food and water.

It’s an infectious applause, and one that inspires. Australia’s attitude to refugees has been shocking, and even more so when we compare it to these Germans’ response. Just because Australia’s ‘so far away’ doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t help, and don’t have a duty to help these people - though looking at it as a duty is a sorry way to put it. It seems there are updates here if you want to keep up (like I should). And as Ruben reposted, let’s get the Australian Government to help too. It’s not something we can just ignore.

I guess I should take my parents’ advice every now and again - it pays to watch the news in case you end up in the middle of a war you didn’t even know about.