Syrian Conflict Migrant Crisis: updates

Today in the news, looks like Abbott will be increasing refugee intake. But then you have comments like this from Cory Bernardi which made me raise my eyebrows in skepticism, but others reacted to more negatively.

“Cory Bernadi is an embarrassment to this parliament,” [Anthony] Albanese told reporters outside parliament on Tuesday morning. “He should be treated with the contempt those comments deserve.”

Bernardi’s comments also drew a sharp rebuke from the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, and his backbench colleague Ewen Jones.

“I don’t believe he could be referring to those fleeing Syria,” Bishop told Sky News on Tuesday. “People fleeing from Syria are fleeing from the most diabolical circumstances.”


Jones said: “What do you expect from someone like Cory? He plays to his constituency and that’s the hard part.”

Although most Germans, Austrians and others in Europe have welcomed these refugees and migrants with open arms, some have not and are worried about the mass influx of people. Whatever happens, I hope these refugees will be able to live in suitable conditions and treated with respect both here and in Europe. You know what I mean. (Being a political cartoonist isn’t easy - much respect for them.)