[Short Recap] Sydnova

The main reason I went to Supanova this year was probably to see Nathan Fillion - unfortunately though this dream was not to be realised.

Thankfully, while wandering around the convention hall, we spotted Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and decided after some deliberation to purchase some books and get them signed.

I spent much less this year than I expected (perhaps ~$100) and overall it was a good experience, though quite a crushing one too at times with the crowd quite strong. Also aching feet. Ruben commented that there seemed to be more anime content this year - to be honest I can’t really confirm not deny. I haven’t been to the convention since 2012, though I have some good impressions of it despite the fact I was working that time. Was it 2012?

Anyway, I often go to see the artists, although this time we were distracted by the vendors and only barely had time to duck down the Alley to take a look. There were some amazing artists from the weekend however. In particular these were the few that I wanted to check out and/or check out again in the future.

Other highlights included pushy shop keepers, seeing someone with a POOGIE and generally alpacas to be honest.