Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege

Teriyaki Salmon Don from Tokyo Loco Bowl in Crows Nest, Sydney

I was finally able to introduce Tokyo Loco Bowl, a quaint and well-run little Japanese restaurant in Crows Nest, to Ruben on this not-so-normal day. Faced with the ongoing situation in the Sydney CBD, it’s a selfish and ignorant thing to say that I had a somewhat exciting day. The office hummed with the news for most of the day, as we streamed the news and kept up to date with news articles and social media. Meanwhile people that we knew were pouring from the city and returning home, being evacuated for their safety.

From our little hole in Crows Nest, all was quiet.

There are many perspectives to this. On the one hand, should you go about your day like nothing happened because it’s the only thing you can do (other than running and screaming) in the face of this kind of terrorism? Or is it important to keep abreast of events in case it’s part of something bigger, something perhaps more dangerous where more people could be in danger than not?

Either way, one thing it definitely shouldn’t be is a ‘media circus’. The around the clock news simply reviews the same information over and over again. Very different, I’m sure, to the way in which these situations would or could have been handled in the past. It’s important to keep people up to date, especially those loved ones waiting for news on the people they know are trapped inside, but are the media really the right people to do that?

There’s nothing more we can do now, but just wait and see what happens. Action or inaction on our part really probably wouldn’t do much at this stage. Like in the case of the Malaysian Airlines plane disappearance, we can only wait and hope from our end and let the authorities do their work, as they are paid to!