Sydney FCBD and UNIQLO Pop-Up Store

Free Comic Book Day and UNIQLO Pop-Up Store Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and for once I decided to semi-dress-up-properly for the occasion, despite the fact that I was sick — basically I slapped a GUMI wig on top of an ensemble of cute-looking clothes with an orange hoodie, since that’s her colour. It was surprising to see the flocks of people queued down the street outside Kings’ Comics when Ruben and I walked past, although strangely enough there was no such queue in or outside of Kinokuniya! Given that I was sick, I haven’t yet had a look at what free goodies I managed to snag that day (besides for the ones I asked for), although Ruben managed to snag some awesome-looking titles.

Again this year I managed to get the lucky dip prize. Last year the prize was collected from the Artists’ Circle, and you were allowed to choose whatever you wanted, but this year it was in the Japanese section and were numbered. I ended up with Volume 4 of Otomen, which I’d always had my eye on but never started since there were so many… I suppose I have a good reason to start now.

After a lunch of delicious Mappen Udon (they have a new menu!), Ruben and I made our way down to the UNIQLO pop-up store. It was a small store by UNIQLO’s standards, though much bigger than I expected it to be. I remember the UNIQLO stores in Hong Kong were really quite large, and Ruben said there was one in Singapore the size of IKEA? Imagine that.

The queue stretched from a U-shape to the left side of the door, to a line that continued on the right side of the door, stretching to within the Glasshouse Shopping Centre of Pitt Street Mall. When we finally got inside, it was like being transported back into Asia, but unfortunately we didn’t make any purchases this time, we only had a good long look around and consideration before we left — perhaps they’ll have an even larger selection next time. If not, I suppose there’s always the option to make an online order from Melbourne’s store now, I guess.

As the evening went on, I slowly proceeded to get more and more ill as the temperature dropped into increasingly frigid territory, but despite all that, it was a lovely day simply reveling in Japanese culture in all its forms from comics and otaku culture, to the utilitarian nature of UNIQLO’s selection. We even had Japanese food in between~

Interestingly though, all that nerdishness just in time for May 4 today. May the fourth be with you, and all that… if I were a Star Wars fan.