Swinging Collaboratively


It's both interesting and ironic that when Ruben should come around to doing Software Engineering Practice, they should be using a software called 'JazzHub' (He also wrote about learning JazzHub with John Schilt).

I almost expect a cacophony of brass instruments to play just by mentioning the name, but JazzHub is Collaborative Lifecycle Management software, in John Schilt's terms. Makes sense that they call it a Relational Team Concert. I have to admit to being a little jealous of how these subjects have changed since I took them 1-2 years ago (not only SEP, but also PMP), since back then I was using Trac. It at least gave me a good appreciation of Wikipedia/Wikimedia's flavour of Wiki formatting, compared to Trac's, especially I was taking SDP at the same time and we had installed our own Wiki for collaboration on documentation.

While I waited outside the classroom for the tutorial class I intended to crash to complete their quiz, John Schilt was hovering outside with me, clearly anxious to assist students in getting to know JazzHub, but I didn't approach him given that I wasn't really a student taking the subject. Perhaps a mistake on my part, but what can I say... I'm shy.

I also created a JazzHub account while I waited outside, but despite being interested in how this online tool could improve collaboration, it's difficult to find out how it can when you have no one to collaborate with. True, you can use collaborative tools without actually collaborating with anyone, but that does not really illustrate the experience of collaboration as opposed to using another medium. Fair enough, I'm not doing this subject I guess.