Supersized Screens

Samsung Galaxy Notes

Despite only having been in Hong Kong for the past few days, I've noticed that there have been an inordinate amount of people carrying phones with large screens such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 or 2, or Samsung Galaxy S3, that have screens around 5-inches diagonally.

I've noticed it particularly because while I will occasionally see another person with a Note 1 in Sydney, I see far more over here and nobody seems particularly surprised by my 'massive' screen. My dad explained it's because the lifestyle is very different here when I pointed it out to him. People are on the streets around the clock here and they work from their phones all the time if they're not chained to a desk-job; so the added screen real estate, so to speak, is probably extremely useful and I am inclined to agree.

That probably explains why I get a HSDPA+ almost anywhere in Hong Kong with Power 3G, despite that it can be slow for some services (such as the infamous yfrog), but overall I have no real complaints about it. I probably wouldn't stream a video on it, as Ruben claims to do while on the MRT or other places with Singapore's ungodly fast internet, but it's fast enough I can use it comfortably without the frustration Optus inspires. In all honesty though, using up too much battery makes me cringe because I often don't get back to my hotel until almost midnight.

Random HK scenery

But this added phone use is probably also why external batteries/portable chargers are also fairly cheap, judging by the price of the one which my dad brought back from Hong Kong in July last year. If everyone is using their phones, it's no wonder people would need to be able to charge them before they return home. Though I hope most of them have a longer life than the one I was gifted with.

I love phablets and like or hate the term, but the combination of both works well with an internet addicted person like me with parents that still enforce use of more traditional methods of communication (like CALLING people). It's interesting to see the differences to Sydney though (more people on Android than on iPhone), and it was interesting to see the large-display phones that were on sale at Broadway today in Cityplaza – I hadn't taken note of what other companies were also striking into the phablet market.

Regardless of how I appear in Sydney with my phone with a huge screen though, at the least here I fit right in!

Image of Samsung phones from Anandtech