[Anime] Summer 2013 Anime

Oops, almost two weeks late. Well, this is the third PV from KyotoAnimation for their new anime, FREE!, or I guess we probably know it as 'swimming shounen' by now.

To be honest, I'm not all that excited about having this new anime, or the new season at all, apart from Neptunia at the moment. I haven't had much drive for watching anime since last year around this time, so that makes it roughly almost a year since I stopped keeping up with current anime. Especially since after SMASH! all I really cared about was sleeping and doing nothing but reading manga.

I don't know what it is, really, but I feel like I've kinda lost the passion for a lot of things since that time - I blame the fatigue? In any case, I believe here's the Summer 2013 anime we can expect, I suppose at this stage it's kinda pointless to try keeping up with the previous seasons so onto the next. Every year it feels like I'm fruitlessly trying to keep up!

Also, a few things from around Facebook that I'll spare you separate posts for:

Maybe I'll actually blog about the new season at some stage.