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In a random act of nostalgia today over Inuyasha fanfiction I'd read in the past (attributed to this), I went and checked up on Sueric today to have another look at her works.

Although it was surprising (to me) to see a very recent blogpost, it was dismaying to hear that she had been landed in such an unfortunate position over the past few months. I can't seem to leave a comment on the blogpost, so I thought the next best thing would be to leave a pingback/trackback (if this works).

Sue, I really loved your Inuyasha fanfiction and it inspired me to write some of my own, and probably the reason I started writing fanfiction as a whole. I had Javascript disabled on my browser, so I didn't notice that there was a donation option until I'd enabled it and scrolled further down the page, but I bought all of your original works in an attempt to donate and I hope that will help you out in some small way, though I don't have much money myself. I really do hope that your situation may improve eventually and thank you for all that you've given us over the years.