Succulent Desk Pal

Succulent new desk cactus

I got a new desk pal today, in the form of a Ladyfinger cactus, or Mammillaria elongata from what I can tell from various photographs since I threw the information tag away after I repotting the fella in a Japanese teacup.

Some plant files:

Plant has spines or sharp edges; use extreme caution when handling

Bloom Color:
Pale Yellow
White/Near White

Bloom Time:
Late Spring/Early Summer
Mid Summer
Late Summer/Early Fall
Grown for foliage

Other details:
Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping
Suitable for growing in containers

A succulent, as Ruben had desired for his desk before I tagged along!

While the spines on this tiny plant look harmless and like they could potentially be soft, THAT was certainly an underestimation as the spines went ahead and pricked my hands painfully everytime I accidentally brushed it - which can be often as my cactus, Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp, geddit?), sits right in front of the support phone I answer. An absolutely genius move on my part, I assure you with no hope of altering course.

Apparently they grow long and thin if you don’t water them enough, but if this poor blighter stuck with me grew any longer and thinner I think it would eventually cease to exist. Will it survive under the plant-destroying hand of Clara - wait and see.