Street signs, Hong Kong 1990.

Street signs, Hong Kong 1990

Street signs in Hong Kong, 1990. Not for the first time I wonder what would have happened if we had not come to Australia. My parents tell me that they would be richer, have better positions in the companies they worked in before they were forced to drop everything. Well, there's no point wondering. Likely I would have been born earlier though!

Regardless, I'm glad I had the chance to meet Ruben of all people. :')

Depicted above on one of the main signs is one of the iconic red taxis that are seen regularly on the streets of Hong Kong. If you're a fan of Hong Kong films, you would have seen them around more than once! Although the combination of MTR, buses and trams are fantastic, sometimes when you're in a hurry it pays to just take a taxi to exactly where you need to go for a fairly decent fare - well when you consider the exchange rate anyway~ Ruben tells me the taxis in Singapore look the same but are blue instead of red (and white).

Those trams are still in action, by the way!

Image by Wonderland on Flickr.