Strange weather means UTS isn't alone

Ruben next to a generator from the RTA

Again, you don't need my double-posting, but apparently Yura Madang student housing was also affected by the flooding and the students had to sleep in the Multi-purpose Sports Hall - treat it like a big sleep-over, I suppose? The image used was less than flattering though.

It was interesting that these UTS buildings were all affected when the ABC seemed to be operating fine, the TAFE across the road was also operating without issues, and the cafe in the photo taken by Ruben was even in business though.

In an update from the Vice-chancellor:

Power and water have also been restored throughout Building 6 and it will be business as usual for the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building tomorrow (Tuesday). Unfortunately however, there is still no power or water to Building 5.

Seems like I won't get my wish to get a class cancelled, but I suppose I like that class anyway. Just not necessarily the time it's at. We can't all have everything we want. And wait a second... that class wasn't even in Building 6 anyway. I'm not fashionable enough for that.

In other news, the roof blew off the CBA at UNSW today apparently. I'm not sure if they mean CBA as in the Commonwealth Bank, but these other unis have everything on campus.


... at about 8PM tonight, there was another major power outage that affected Buildings 1, 2 and 3, as well as online services including email, wifi and UTS Online. As such, it is currently unknown how this will affect classes tomorrow, so please stay tuned to your official emails!

Well, well. What's going on, UTS? Maybe as Seb says, Building 10 is our last hope.