Stopover at Changi Airport Advertisement/Webseries

This trailer for what looks like a webseries called 'Changi Airport Virgins' popped up on Youtube while I was watching some videos from NTDOffTheGreatWall. What's this webseries about? The given description was:

Meet Fitzy and Wippa, Changi Airport Virgins. Why virgins? Because they thought they knew everything about Changi Airport. But they didn't. Which made them feel like it was their first time here. Stay tuned to find out what happens next. And discover a stopover that's never dull.

My first response was 'What in the hell?!' since it sounds like a bad Australian comedic drama. Even the names (Fitzy and Wippa) sound Australian, but I don't particularly know why they are directing the Australian market so, well, directly. Perhaps Ruben can enlighten me on this matter. Perhaps they're trying to get Australians passing through again after the QANTAS-Emirates partnership shifted their flight routing Dubai instead of Singapore.

I do agree with the currently solitary comment on the Youtube page though:

ApocalypX The title makes this sound like an interesting title for an airport-themed porno. Or a college comedy based in missing a flight to some mystical summer locale, with two guys trying to lose it before spring break ends.

Does make me cringe slightly at being Australian — but it's kinda interesting experiencing an airport I've never been to before via this weird bogan-ised (?) webseries, I guess. Australians gorging themselves on Singapore delicacies? (No, that is not fettucini!)