Stop Phubbing

I didn’t even know what phubbing meant before I started using this application, but this was introduced to me by a colleague today and is called Forest, another latest in productivity apps.

Rather than the usual stock we’re used to, where they try to assist our productivity through things like creating measurable goals, writing down all the things we need to do so that we can focus on one task and so on, Forest asks you to press ‘Start’ each time you want to put down your phone and work, focused on your task for a full 30 minutes, as can be difficult these days. You can add time, if you feel it’s appropriate. At the end of each 30 minutes, you’ll grow a cute little geometric pine tree for your forest.

Interestingly, Forest motivates you through the sheer devastation that comes from murdering a poor little tree. While you may not necessarily be productive while away from your phone, it does break that bad habit and the bad connection of checking it as now you’re aware this action could kill the tree that has barely yet clung to life - merely binary or not.

Although in my opinion this generally results in a ‘gaining the system’ type behaviour where your bad habits are now shifted towards your computer (if you work in an office-type setting) rather than your mobile phone, it remains that it provides more opportunity for productive work, and is a great idea with even better graphics. As an application to stop ‘phubbing’, it certainly does its task.

Of course, there’s a price involved, but at $1.29 on the iOS App store it’s not a terrible cost. Android users however, get a copy free of charge!