As Depicted by the Square Face Icon Generator


The Square Face Icon Generator has been all the craze lately, popping up on Twitter, though I haven't really been keeping up to date so I never actually realised it was from an icon generator until today. Somehow I thought there was a new anime people were obsessing over or something, a bit like how Kyoto Animation's new Sexy Swimming CM sent both Twitter and Tumblr absolutely crazy and into a flurry of fangirling over speculations that there would be a new anime featuring these wonderful hot guys. Unfortunately not (for everyone).

In any case, I decided to try my hand at it and made a few variations for myself. Personally I like the third on the list there, since I was finally experimenting, but it's hard to judge which one I consider the most 'honest' image of me.

First icon of me

Second icon of me

Third icon of me

Naturally I also made a couple for Ruben.... Not sure how he feels about them, but they're kinda cute? :'D I'll leave them as links just in case. >> [1] | [2]