Sprouting Party for @Sebasu_tan

Seb and Cake

Yesterday afternoon and evening, we all gathered to celebrate the sprouting of the one and only potato, Seb. That is to say, we celebrated his birthday, since I don't speak Potato very well, but you get the picture (it's above, see?). It was quite a pun..ishing evening!

At first we met at UTS Library but we didn't move to the Boardgames Cafe as we originally intended, though we did eventually end up at Starbucks to play card games (which Vadim would suddenly win). It was a pretty sleepy afternoon, after all — need all the coffee you can get!

In any case, dinner soon came up and on this occasion, this carnivorous potato wanted to have Korean BBQ so we found ourselves back at Kozy, since I botched up my own extremelylatebirthdaydinner, not realising that Arisun didn't do KBBQ! Only Seb, Cindy, Ruben and I really participated in KBBQ though, with Monica stealing a few things off to compliment her eel meal. It was fun lathering random foods onto the tabletop barbecue as usual.

BBQVadim's massive plateMini CakeHands and mini eating utensils

No idea how Vadim managed his huge dish, but eventually we were all mostly done and the cake brought out to much candles and singing, and blowing out and messy cutting (not that I'm criticising, that cutter was just not efficient!). Not that there was much to cut anyway since the cake was so small — we all got hungry on the way there and ate most if it!

Just kidding. But seriously, the cake was rich and moist and quite tasty. Some of us ate with the spoons that were already provided at the tables, some of us got fancy with the chopsticks and some used the little plastic pick-like things provided with the cake. It was fun all-round!

Hope you had a good time too, and happy birthday, Seb! :) Either way, we need to do KBBQ again - don't think I had enough! Hope the present serves you well... one day the second half will arrive, I'm sure. ;w;


Afterwards, Ruben and I walked back to Central with Vadim while the others headed to Town Hall station instead and Vadim left us at Capitol where we tried our luck for a while, but that's a story for another time. We were successful! Have these pictures of Ruben with our spoils for now.