Spending vs Moni

Moni App by Whitewaterlabs

As you may know, recently I’ve looked at an app called Spending Tracker in order to keep better track of my cash flow. Don’t you love that word?

While Spending Tracker suits me in many ways, I will admit that the interface is not designed the best visually, and resulted in some confusion a few days after my last post when it automatically deducted a future transaction and left me wondering why I was in the red.

When I should have been paying attention in class today, instead I looked into a beautifully designed iPhone app called Moni that I discovered while browsing through the app store on one of my many walks to work in the morning, but despite it’s slick feel and look, it does have a few shortfalls.

Screenshots of Moni App

The long and short of it

While the interface is sleek and clearly designed with iOS7’s design principles in mind, the app overall, or at least the free one, is rather simple. In some ways this is a good thing as it makes entering your data easy and painless, yet in other ways means that entries do not always contain the necessary amount of detail, and can be a task and a half to edit.

Unlike Spending Tracker, I cannot place my expenses in categories that are easily tracked - rather all my expenses are either displayed as a list across all my accounts, or can be brought up as a list of expenses all from the one account. Income additionally does not require to have come from somewhere concrete, which results in somewhat of a wishy washy effect where I don’t quite feel like I know where my money is coming from or going.

Furthermore, the greatest problem I’ve come across so far is that once I’ve brought up the account-specific pages, it is often difficult to get rid of it, and at times I have resorted to restarting the app in order to get back to that initial overview page. Otherwise, I repeatedly bring down the notifications pane with no avail.

In all other respects, I feel Moni is a sleek piece of work and I would consider moving over to it if only there was an option of transfers and categories as this is a real feast for the eyes and a designer’s spirit. This app does have a bonus that it records the exact time you entered the expense as well however, not just the date, which means that it sorts all of your data by input — one of my pet peeves with Spending.

Final thoughts

It strikes me that this application probably wouldn’t necessarily be used by most people as their primary way of keeping track of their expenses, but perhaps just as a supplement. Regardless, they have all of the basic parts down, I just feel as if this app still needs a further polish in terms of functionality.

Perhaps there’s more to the paid version — I can see that you are able to access your records via their web interface on your computer of whichever description if you have a ‘Premium’ account, which certainly would come in handy at the end of the day.

Who knows? Moni is beautiful enough that I would certainly be happy to keep an eye on this app and see how it progresses, though it misses some of the crucial elements that I’m looking for right now. Perhaps in the future, or I’ll keep using Moni and Spending Tracker side by side for now!