Spectrum Sunday - Skill, or lack thereof. #EA9B6F

Spectrum Sunday - #EA9B6F, 234,155,111

Hello and welcome to another pointless Spectrum Sunday covering this pastel-like shade of orange. Don't misunderstand me - I'm quite fond of intense colours, so a bright orange of the likes which Vadim enjoys would suit me just fine, but I thought I would go for some variation.

On the advice of some online test thing which told me I was not so good at identifying different orange hues, I set about to find that hue of orange that called to me. Again I found something with hints of red (comparatively), so I suppose this like of red I find myself to have must be real after all! Conclusive evidence! Maybe.

You might be happy to note that the quiz tells me that I'm rather good at identifying the different hues of reds, blues and purples though. When I consider that, I do tend to find that these are the hues I use the most in art. I use orange in terms of skin tones, but often as it clashes with said skin tones, I don't really use orange anywhere else in colouring art pieces, and I'm extraordinarily bad at backgrounds, so there's no opportunity for it to be included there either. I wonder if this has any impact on my colour identification ability, but I suppose it must have. Seeing some artists score really well though, I have to wonder whether I could do better, or I was simply just too tired. (I like making excuses.)

As a matter of interest, let's see this weeks and last week's colours mashed together.

Spectrum Sunday Mashup