Spectrum Sunday - Dedications #73376E

#73376E or 115,55,110

I wanted to do something weekly, but swaying away from the typical 'Music Monday' or 'Tunes for Tuesday' type of posts, I wanted something unique and special. Thus, I bring you, 'Spectrum Sunday's.

It's kind of a weird concept, but each week I'll just pick a schade (see what I did there?) that I like, and share it with you, and tell you a bit about why I picked that particular colour. It's my aim that it will eventually be something I can look back on to find the colours I want, but for now, who knows what this may turn into.

Of course, as a first post, this is somewhat close to my heart and as someone I think of often likes... well, purple, I've picked a fairly dark reddish-purple. While I know this isn't the exact schade this person likes, seeing this particular colour just gives me a warm feeling. It also reminds me somewhat of his website colour scheme, though I haven't peeked at the CSS for a while, so don't know if the hexadecimal code for this particular colour is similar or not, although his appears to have a little more red in it apart from being fractionally brighter.

Please remember the rendering of the colour on your screen may vary.