Soylent.. not green

Imagine never having to eat again. A product called ‘soylent’ has been taking over the globe recently and the latest rendition of the recipe for Australians has hit our shores. That’s if it didn’t originate inside Australia - ha. It claims to provide a nutritionally complete meal that is easily and quickly prepared for low cost.

Soylent is people? Does it taste like people?

The idea that news outlets have been boosting - of not eating again - is bordering on abhorrent to me, although at some point in my or our lives I can attest to have the odd time where I feel I could be eating less or that food simply takes too long to prepare. Regardless, the idea of living day-to-day simply drinking your meals doesn’t sound pleasant or appealing to me.

One of the pleasures in life is eating with others, tastes and sensations that you wouldn’t get with soylent, or at least not as much. Besides this, what about never having to chew? These pretty molars would be going to waste.

In the one basket, perhaps my dislike has to do with the fact that I don’t enjoy drinking liquids a great deal anyway - unless it’s soup. If soylent were in fact a biscuit of some sort, I would have been more willing to try it out. On the other hand, I just principally can’t accept the idea of people replacing most of their daily meals with just this drink. Perhaps one meal a day I would be more willing to accept.

At this point in time, the only use for soylent for me personally would probably be as some kind of weightloss solution. Yes, a day’s packet contains the full recommended daily intake of 8700kJ, but this means you can limit your calorie/kilojule intake effectively essentially. It’s much harder to measure how many kJ are contained in your salad without taking it to the lab.

Will I learn to like it? Tune in again to find out.