Sochi Winter Olympics Figure Skating

This is a response to My first late night Winter Olympic kebab.

While people were obsessing over tennis a few weeks ago, I treated it with indifference. I didn’t know the athletes or their backgrounds and the sport and watching it as a whole didn’t interest me greatly. I wasn’t interested in the Superbowl mentioned on American podcasts either a couple of weeks back.

In a seashell — wait, nutshell — sport simply didn’t really interest me.

However, as Ruben mentions, yesterday night as we sat around the dinner table, by chance or some other hand of fate on the remote control, the television was tuned into the Winter Olympics and my parents were watching figure skating across the ice. The feather-light dances of the skaters across the ice was enthralling and magical.

People fell. In particular Jeremy Abbott of the US (shown in the video above, but not from Sochi), clutching his side with pain when his skates dug into the ice as he landed from a leap at just at the wrong angle, and was thrown against the barrier with force. But he got up again, determined, and finished the routine, gliding across the ice as if he was born to it, doing his lithe solo tango at an unimaginable speed for an amateur skater like myself.

Unlike the Summer Olympics, which often features sports like weighlifting, swimming, athletics, the Winter Olympics in comparison seems much more beautiful and alluring. But for each Olympics, there are still sports that I wouldn’t watch, it’s just easier to separate them with the Winter Olympics as there are less sports to choose from.

With this in mind, I would be more willing to tune into future Olympics now, whether Winter or Summer, although time zones often make this difficult. Maybe in two years time, I’ll be uncharacteristically tuning in to the archery, equestrian and gymnastics events on whichever channels that are showing them, in whichever part of the world I end up.

But for now, I’ll be watching the rest of the figure ice skating available to me. Perhaps Ruben will be happy to share his sources if he uncovers any. ;)