So they're keeping some trees


Today they passed out updates of changes as well as asking for feedback on the proposal for the Epping to Thornleigh track. While it is good to hear that some decisions around keeping our historical and indigenous trees have been resolved happily as they will stay or be transported elsewhere, there are still a lot of casualties in the work to come.

I'm no engineer, of course, so I don't pretend to understand when they claim that some just had to go ahead because of structural integrity or in order to keep in line with standards, but I remain unconvinced they have chosen the best way to proceed. With this kind of thing, there's no going back once you've cut it.

Currently the feedback portion of the flyer asks for some feedback pertaining to my station, as they are updating the playground given its proximity to the new track. I notice they are updating the stations on either side though, yet not my own - this is somewhat disappointing. We'll see what is to come.